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2012 - David Adelsheim Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award

2012 - David Adelsheim Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award | Adelsheim Vineyard

The Oregon Wine Board (OWB) honored David Adelsheim, co-founder and president of Adelsheim Vineyard, with its 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifetime of devoted service to the establishment and growth of the Oregon wine industry. The award was presented by Susan and Alex Sokol Blosser at the industry’s annual awards dinner at the Oregon Wine Industry Symposium in Portland. 

To quote Cole Danehower of Northwest Palate, “No one has had a stronger impact on the development of the Oregon wine community than David Adelsheim.  From land use legislation in the 1980s that enabled the protection of agricultural land, to the importation to America of the so-called Dijon clones of Pinot noir and Chardonnay, to the creation of the Oregon Wine Board – and including the success of his own Adelsheim Vineyard – David’s perspective on the history and prospects of Oregon wine is unequaled.”


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