Bryan Creek

Bryan Creek

First planted by Adelsheim Vineyard in 1989, Bryan Creek has long been part of our estate portfolio. However, the land had always been under a long-term lease from the Adelsheims' neighbors, Jess and Joy Howell, until it was purchased by the winery in 2014.  

At an elevation of 700+ feet, this vineyard is on the upper limits of where Pinot noir vines are typically planted.  Bryan Creek has rich, deep volcanic soils that provide moisture throughout the season and an excellent southern slope.  The wines produced from the cool site have distinct mineral flavors that are unique in our estate vineyard portfolio.  Our Bryan Creek Pinot noir displays the wild cherry and mineral notes that are characteristic of this site, along with a firm texture that unfolds slowly over many years.

Vineyard statistics
  • Ownership: Vineyard owned by Adelsheim co-owners, Lynn and Jack Loacker; planted and managed by Adelsheim
  • Location/AVA: Chehalem Mountains AVA
  • Acres: 19.2
  • Clones: Pinot noir: UCD 5 “Pommard,” ENTAV 113, ENTAV 114, ENTAV 115
  • Clones: Chardonnay: CTPS 95, ENTAV 352
  • Clones: Pinot gris: INRA 152, Lett (selection)
  • Clones: Pinot blanc: INRA 159, INRA 161
  • Year planted: 1989, 1993, 1997
  • Elevation: 680-860 ft.
  • Certification: LIVE Certified
  • Aspect: South, South-West
  • Spacing: 6.56x3.28, 6.56x5, 7x5 ft.
  • Soil: Volcanic
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