White Varieties


Clones of white varieties used by Adelsheim Vineyard

Pinot noir is a very old variety (cultivated in Burgundy perhaps as early as the time of the arrival of the Romans) and this may account for the huge genetic variability within the variety and the hundreds of clones.  By comparison, the white varieties used by us are relatively recent mutations or crosses and there is far less variation between clones.


  • D 76 imported by OSU from Burgundy in 1984, along with the Pinot noirs.  Considered by Raymond Bernard (ONIVINS, Dijon) as a secondary clone to 95 in Burgundy, but in Oregon, D 76 is the star.  It best combines intense white fruit aromas and body.  It makes up the entire Stoller single vineyard Chardonnay.
  • D 95 imported in 1988 at the behest of Adelsheim.  Due to its later arrival, it is not as widely planted as 76.  We have it planted at Bryan Creek and Fennwood.
  • D 96 imported in 1984 and planted widely initially in Oregon.  The small amount we purchase goes into our Willamette Valley Chardonnay.
  • E 352 was imported in 1977 from ENTAV, a virus clean-plant facility on the Mediterranean before OSU got access to the clones in Burgundy.  We have it planted at Bryan Creek Vineyard and the grapes are used in our Willamette Valley Chardonnay.
  • ENTAV-INRA 548 was imported by FPS at Davis.  It was given the highest qualitative rating (along with 95) of the Chardonnay clones evaluated in Burgundy.  We have it planted at Boulder Bluff (it’s used in our Caitlin’s Reserve) and Fennwood vineyards.

Pinot blanc:

  • C 159 imported by OSU in 1975 from INRA, Colmar.  It was the preferred clone for its aroma in early trials at OSU and makes up 78% of our Bryan Creek Pinot blanc.
  • C 161 also imported by OSU in 1975.  It makes up 22% of our Bryan Creek single vineyard bottling.

Pinot gris:

  • C 146 imported with the other Alsatian varieties in 1975. We have it planted at Ribbon Springs Vineyard.
  • C 152 also imported in 1975.  We have some planted at our Calkins Lane Vineyard and at Ribbon Springs Vineyard.
  • Eyrie, a selection made by David Lett in the FPS vineyard in Davis in 1965.  It is thought to be an assortment of the four clones in that vineyard at that time, three from Alsace (perhaps earlier importations of C 146 and C 152) and one from an old California vineyard.  Our Pinot gris plantings at Calkins Lane and at Quarter Mile Lane, Hillside and Bryan Creek are this selection.


  • C 36 imported with the Alsatian varieties in 1975.  It is half the original planting at Ribbon Springs Vineyard.
  • D 45 imported with the Alsatian varieties in 1975.  It was the preferred clone in early trials at OSU and was the other half of the Ribbon Springs planting.
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