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1984 - Robert Parker Discovers Oregon

1984 - Robert Parker Discovers Oregon | Adelsheim Vineyard

Robert Parker, of the Wine Advocate, was contacted by Rachel Starr (founder of the Portland wine shop, Great Wine Buys).  At Parker’s request and expense, Starr selected and shipped him varied lots of Oregon Pinot noirs.  The samples sparked a quiet, curious, exploratory trip to Oregon by Parker and his assistant in 1985.  They toured, tasted, and subsequently DISCOVERED Oregon.  [Overheard comment: “These guys don’t know what they have here…”]  The Advocate’s enthusiastic review of Oregon’s 1983 vintage brought the world’s focus to Oregon.  Parker and his brother-in-law, Michael Etzel, later partnered in establishing an Oregon vineyard called Beaux Frères, whose first vintage was in 1990.


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