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1987 - The Drouhins purchase land in Oregon

1987 - The Drouhins purchase land in Oregon | Adelsheim Vineyard

The Drouhin family, of the highly respected and venerable Maison Joseph Drouhin in Burgundy, purchased 100 acres for vineyards and a winery in the north Willamette Valley.  Robert Drouhin had made several visits and appearances in Oregon, earning the respect and friendship of the larger wine community.  Véronique Drouhin was appointed winemaker, and 1988 was their first vintage.  This extraordinary Franco-Oregon venture was widely reported, denoting the seriousness of Oregon wines and underscoring credibility of the Oregon wine industry.  The flow of established winemakers from other regions to Oregon continues, from Australia, New Zealand, New York, Canada and California (among other corners of the world).


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