Pinot Noir Clones


Most important Pinot noir clones for Adelsheim

At Adelsheim Vineyard, we work with 12 different clones of Pinot noir:

  • UCD 1A (“Wädenswil”) originally brought to Oregon by David Lett in 1965.  We like it when planted on low-elevation sedimentary soil sites like Calkins Lane for its tannin structure and strawberry fruit aromas.
  • UCD 4 selected at the Château de Pommard in the 1940s by Davis researcher Harold Olmo.  We have it planted only at Ribbon Ridge.
  • UCD 5 (“Pommard”) is a virus-free daughter of UCD 4, brought to Oregon by Coury and Dick Erath.  It is still the most-planted Pinot clone in Oregon and is often responsible for intense red or black fruit aromas.  We especially like it at higher elevation sites.  The Bryan Creek Vineyard Pinot noir is made entirely from this clone.
  • D 113 was imported by OSU in 1984.  D 114 also imported in 1984.  We planted it widely at Ribbon Springs Vineyard.
  • D 115 also imported in 1984, this is most planted of the clones to come out of the selection program in Burgundy.  We love it for the structure and density it adds to blends and have it planted on many sites, low- and high-elevation, sedimentary and basaltic soils.
  • D 667 was imported in 1988 after Adelsheim visited Raymond Bernard, the researcher in charge of the ONIVINS clonal evaluation program in Dijon.  This may be our favorite single clone for its perfect combination of fruit aromas, silky texture and density.  It is the only clone in our Winderlea single vineyard wine and is always in our Calkins Lane.
  • D 777 also imported in 1988.  It was the highest-rated clone for wine quality in the Burgundy program.  In Oregon, it does better on higher elevation sites.
  • ENTAV-INRA 943 was brought to California by FPS.  It has gained some excitement in France and we planted it at Fennwood Vineyard in 2008.
  • AS-2, a selection (presumably from the La Tâche vineyard) brought from France in the 1990s by the late Gary Andrus.  It’s a distinctive, upright-growing plant and has been planted in many Oregon and California vineyards, often under the erroneous name “828”.  It adds structure to our Boulder Bluff single vineyard Pinot noir.
  • QM-1 is a selection planted at Quarter Mile Lane vineyard in 1974.  It was sold to us as “Pommard” but is not.  It may be UCD 13 from a Martini vineyard or a combination of the two.  It makes up all the Quarter Mile Lane Pinot noir and is planted at several of our vineyards, as well.  It has a distinctive wild cherry aroma.
  • 4407, is a selection from Canada, which we’ve planted in several vineyards in the 2000s.  It has yet to distinguish itself.
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