Adelsheim "The Deed" #1
The Deed

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To pay homage to our 50 years in the Chehalem Mountains, we decided to bottle our origin story. Produced exclusively from the historic Block 1 of Quarter Mile Lane Vineyard, these illustrious, 49 year-old vines create a wine that is utterly unique; "a classic" as Winemaker, Gina Hennen puts it. Simply put, this wine from the 2019 vintage is like nothing we've ever made before, and deserves a place front and center in our cellars.

This is…stunning. Can I say that? I am absorbed by the complexity of aromas and I don’t want to have to describe them all. It just wafts out of the glass at me, beckoning, go ahead take another sip. This is finely structured and manages to have both a commanding presence and a tender delicacy. It is a classic.
-Gina Hennen, Winemaker

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